We Don’t Need to Hear a Voice from God—Loud or Still

Peter September 8, 2017


You would hear of people claiming that they are doing what they do because God spoke to them. Others would also say that it is God’s “voice” that guides them. Yet in my life of faith I have learned that this path can lead to frustration instead of actual accomplishment.

You see, people who say that they hear God speak to them would also explain that they are not actually hearing an audible voice. Instead, it is more of a prompting of the Spirit.

I played around with this concept for a while until I decided that it didn’t work for me. I would start stressing out as to whether a thought that came to me was from God or not; and if I didn’t obey it, was I disobeying God. I didn’t believe that God would put me through this stress considering that I was supposed to be anxious for nothing. So I stopped pursuing any notion of listening for a still small voice because I wouldn’t even know what to listen for. I probably would never be able to conclude as to the source of it.

I realized that there are other paths of God’s guidance that I can take. One of the more important ones I’ve gathered is to trust in him. Trusting in God is the best way to ensure a good outcome for ourselves because when we do this, we allow God to control the outcome of the things we do in life. Consequently, I believe that when we are in Christ and Christ is in us, we automatically do what God wants us to do without having to listen for anything.

I explain more on my stand on this in my post for Charisma Magazine. Please read the full text. If you want to discuss this topic with me, connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Goodreads. I would love to have a conversation with you. You can also add my book, Hidden Treasure, to your to-read list.

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