Elimination for Spiritual Growth

Peter August 25, 2017


There are many ways for us to grow spiritually. One of them is elimination. Yet this process is often underrated or totally neglected because our perspectives are limited in terms of what constitutes spiritual growth. Many focus on constant prayer or frequent church attendance without considering other methods.

But how exactly is elimination a step toward growing spiritually? When we speak of elimination, it can refer to many things. Repentance is a form of elimination where we eliminate our attachments to the things of this world. Consequently, one of those attachments is lust. At some point in our lives, we are all blinded by some form of this worldly attachment.

Lust is destructive because it causes a person to enter a vicious cycle. It begins with the strong desire for the physical things of this world. Achievement of that desire follows soon after. Yet the third part of the chain is what frustrates people most. They find out that getting what they were lusting after still does not make them happy. If a person chooses to give in to this, the cycle will go on.

Yet there’s another path: elimination. When one eliminates these superficial attachments, the realization hits that it is only through God that contentment is achieved. Coming to this thought is already a big step in making spiritual progress. Stop focusing on the superficial and trust that God has everything we need.

I talk about this topic in-depth in my post for Charisma Magazine. I elaborate more on my points and even cite the verses that coincide with my thoughts. Do check it out. If you would like to share your own thoughts on this, you can comment below or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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