Which God Do You Believe In?

Peter August 18, 2017


If you are asked which God you believe in, what would you say? Many people would find it easy to answer, naming their own God. But faith is more complicated than meets the eye. One important aspect that contributes to the complexity is the concept of creator and creation.

The Word tells us that God is our creator and through him all things were made. That as a statement is simple. Yet there are other belief systems that contradict what the Bible tells us. A known example is the Gaia or goddess. As opposed to the patriarchal view of the Bible, this nature-based type of spirituality is matriarchal.

In this view, god is creation itself and there is no God who stands as creator.  The spiritual practices associated with this spirituality do not include trust in the biblical God for inner peace; therefore, they point you inward to a god that doesn’t exist, and you remain with no strength from the Holy Spirit.

Yet this should not be the case. When there is no creator with his divine revelation to inform us of what is right and wrong, morality becomes relative (relativism). Everyone decides what is right in their own eyes. Without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Law of Sin prevents a good outcome.

Many of the problems today stems from the blurring of the lines between the Biblical type of spirituality and that of those that disregards the existence of a creator responsible for creation. Do not be deceived.

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